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NWU Charter (Terms & Conditions)

Code of Ethics

  • You agree to Act with courtesy, honesty and integrity
  • Behave ethically if any conflicts arise between personal / commercial interests
  • Be truthful with the members and their referrals and provide the quality of service at the prices quoted
  • Be ready to acknowledge the work of others and report back to members about their referrals
  • Swiftly follow up referrals received from members and guests
  • Please see our Facebook Code of Ethics for online conduct and posting on the Network With Us Facebook Group or Page

General Policy

1. One person from a speciality can be a member of each Club. Where there are similar or complimentary services or products, discussions will be had with Members. The final decision will be made by the Club Owner

2. Members must declare their primary occupation and any other part time business before sharing related information at any meeting. A member is accepted into a Group based on their declared business and if their business evolves with new goods or services, it does not automatically allow that Member to advertise these within the meetings

3. Meetings start at 9.30am and finish at 10.30am. You are welcome to arrive from 9.00am but are expected to stay until 10.30am

4. Members are allowed 6 absences in any 6 month rolling period. More than this and the Member may be subject to removal by Club Owner

5. Visitors may attend a Club meeting up to 3 consecutive times to truly find out about the Club and its members

6. Members are encouraged to bring business materials and information to each meeting

7. Ten Minute Speakers are welcome to bring extra materials and sample goods where appropriate

8. It is a Member's responsibility to file a concern with the Club Owner if they feel a Guest conflicts with their speciality after the meeting. If there are no objections after 3 guest visits, the Club Owner will assume consent and the Guest will be invited to join. If Members have not attended the meetings the Guest has attended then the Club Owner takes no responsibility for duplication of specialities

9. Members wishing to change their speciality will be require to complete a new Membership Application Form

10. Where behaviour or conduct becomes a problem within a group, the Club Owner reserves the right to give the Members a warning or request the Member leaves the Club and revoke Membership

11. Members who are working in multi-level marketing businesses should represent their products and not the business opportunity element of their business

12. All policies are subject to change

Meeting Agenda

1. Open networking, buy yourself a coffee and / or breakfast (dependent on the Club venue)

2. The Chair and 10 Minute Speaker changes weekly, the Chair will welcome everyone (including Guests) and introduce the format of the meeting

3. 1 minute updates and news from all Members and Guests

4. Club Business and AOB

5. 10 Minute Presenter

6. Q&A to 10 Minute Presenter

7. Chair informs of next week Chair and 10 Minute Presenter

8. Close meeting and open networking

Weekly Meetings Expectations

1. Attend regularly - Referrals are built on relationships and Members understanding your business. Every week share varying and relevant information about your business – we need to know what you do. If you do not attend regularly, people will forget you and what you offer. 

2. Invite Guests to meetings - Guests and new Members are very welcome but please let Leanne know if you have a guest in mind so we can look at their business speciality and ensure their products or services do not clash with an existing Member or are suitably complementary

3. Leaving at 10.30am - It is acceptable to leave at 10.30am and if you know you need to leave promptly, please sit near the exit and leave quietly and swiftly so the Member speaking and the group is not interrupted

4. Referring & recommendations - Members actively and effectively make referrals to other people they meet and on social media. This is highly effective and a valuable practice. Being a Member of this group does not guarantee exclusivity on referrals and Members may refer other businesses and services of which they use and value themselves

5. Expanding and evolving businesses - Effective networking will help to expand and evolve your business. Please be mindful of the other businesses already represented in our group when talking about new goods and services you offer

Guest Guidelines

1. Guests must contact the Club Owner before the meeting to discuss their business' services and products

2. Members must inform the Club Owner before inviting a guest to a meeting so the Club Owner can have a conversation about their services and products

3. Guests must not compete with a member of the Club. 

4. Guests may visit a Club up to 3 consecutive times before joining


1. There is no registration fee. Fees are paid by Bank Transfer monthly. Contact the Club Owner for bank details

2. Members who do not pay their monthly fees do not secure their speciality and must not attend meetings until fees are brought up to date

3. Membership fees are non-refundable and it is up to Members to stop their Bank Transfer when terminating their membership 

4. Membership fees are non-transferable to another Member

5. It is possible to transfer from one NWU Club to another, please contact the Club Owners

Quick Contact

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